Home Tool - Window Glass Cleaner Magnetic Brush Tool

Size: 3-5mm single layer
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Home Tool - Window Glass Cleaner Magnetic Brush Tool

  1. Magnetic double sided window cleaner
  2. Clean your windows quickly and effectively
  3. Wash and dry both sides of the windows at the same time
  4. Get twice the result with just half the effort
  5. Can be used for sliding doors, windows, shower screens, mirrors, any glass surfaces...
  6. The window cleaner is suitable for Single layer glass and two layers of glass. Three-layer glass is not recommended
  7. Good quality, dare to promise, using ABS engineering plastics, with high impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame retardant reinforcement is 3-5 times higher than general plastic strength

How to choose the size?

You can select the appropriate size according to the thickness of the glass to be wiped. The measurement method is as follows:

  • Glass thickness measurement method: Glass thickness =W width- X width - Y width
Product information: 
Material: Plastic + Magnetic + Rubber

Applicative Range: 3-5mm, 5-12mm, 15-24mm, 20-30mm glass


  • Please choose according to the actual size of the glass, so as to avoid the inconvenience caused by the magnetic force being too large or too small.
  • Operation process can refer to the video

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