Life Gadget Umbrella - Smart Designed LED Lighting Umbrella

Color: Navy
Style: Led
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Life Gadget Umbrella -  Smart Designed LED Lighting Umbrella

  1. The fully automatic business reverse umbrella features luminous reflective strips and an LED handle to help you see things clearly in the dark rainy night, making it more convenient and safer to travel at night
  2. The umbrella features an inverted design, which can be closed from the inside out, and it can keep the wet outer surface inside, which can prevent the floor and the car from getting dirty, and it can be stored anywhere
  3. With the flashlight handle, you can see the roadside environment in the dark at night to prevent tripping over stones
  4. the size of the opened umbrella is about 105cm/41.34indirectly, and it is suitable for 1-2 people. And it can be stored in a backpack and used when going to work or school
  5. The umbrella can be opened or closed with the push of a button, which is suitable for one-handed operation. And it is durable
  6. The reflective strip can provide high visibility in low light and rainy conditions to warn vehicles to make travel at night safer

Product Information:

  • Umbrella cloth material: Impact cloth
  • Umbrella cloth density: 190T-210T
  • Umbrella rib material: Fiber
  • Umbrella frame material: Aluminum alloy
  • Open method: Automatic
  • Retracting mode: Automatic
  • Number of ribs: 10 ribs
  • Opening height: 63cm
  • Umbrella diameter: 105cm
  • Umbrella width: 6cm
  • Umbrella height: 30cm
  • Umbrella Use: LR44 Batteries (included)

Note: Please allow the colors to vary slightly due to individual monitor color calibration

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