Pet Door - Safety Four-way Lock Pet Door

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Pet Door - Safety Four-way Lock Pet Door

1. High quality and safe material: not trap or injure your pet
2. Pet door gives your pets freedom to leave the house and play outside whenever they want, giving them a way to release all of their pent up energy. It also helps them overcome common behaviors such as furniture breaking, scratching, or excessive barking.
3. Adjustable lock mode: allow the pet to come in for the night, but not go out again, or only exit (your pet can exit but can't enter)
4. The flap door prevents your pet from any noise, which helps them feel safe and comfortable
5. This item is more suitable for small pets.

Product Details:
- Material: Plastic
- Inner Diameter: app.20cm/7.87in
- Outer Diameter: app.26cm/10.24in
- Thickness: app.6cm/2.36in

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